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Why join the CHS PTSA? 


The #1 reason is to benefit your child.


Like so many other things, the pandemic really

devastated PTSA membership last year. We need

your support to rebuild and continue the PTSA's important work!

The PTSA promotes the engagement of families and educators in supporting the learning and well-being of all students. All of the activities listed on the left-side of this PTSA web site can only be successfully achieved with your support.

please JOIN NOW!!


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All submissions will be electronic and submitted through this Google Form by Friday, December 2nd at 5:00pm EST.
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Clothing To Cash.jpg

Hey Eagles!

Please remember C2C when you have old clothes and textiles to donate.

For the month of May, you all donated 1,385 lbs of clothing. Thank you to everyone who contributed, keep up the great work Eagles!

Go Eagles!

   365 days, year round   

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