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One of the major roles for Centennial PTSA is to promote inclusion of all parent groups. CHS PTSA helps many of these groups connect to the school community and offers support for activities and events which lead to an enriched experience for parents and students. 


Centennial High School currently has five parent advocacy groups. For information on starting a new parent group or for general parent advocacy group questions, please contact  Rita Wang.


For information for a specific parent group, please contact the group leader listed as follow:

Centennial Rainbow Community (CRC)

Eileen Singleton (co-chair) -

Andrea Stremmel (co-chair) -

Melissa Major (co-chair) -

Chinese Association at Centennial (CAAC)

Qin Yang (president) -

Guoguo (treasurer) -

Yu Zhang (secretary) - 

Cheng Luo (web admin) -

Indian American Parents at Centennial (IAPC)

Rashmi Wagle (co-chair) -

Beena Bakshi (co-chair) -

Korean American Parents Association (KAPA)

Seung Yun Lee  (president) -

Hee Kyung Chung (vice p) -

Jeanie Min (secretary) - 

Seong Shin Na (treasurer) -

Latin American Council (LAC)


Parent Council for Black Students (PCBS)

Deborah Kariuki (chair) - or

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