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Zumba Dance Class

You are invited to a “Zumbathon Fundraiser – Cardio Dance Party”
on Saturday, May 20th!

You don’t have to be a dancer, just love to have FUN, MUSIC, HAPPINESS & WELLNESS!!  


It’s FUN!


It’s ZUMBA!!

Bring your friends and family!

Hosted by CHS PTSA

When:  Saturday May
 20th, 9:20 am – 11:30 am (arrival starting at 9:00am)

Where:  CHS Main Gym

Cost:  $5 by cash, check or PayPal on arrival. All funds go to CHS PTSA to support activities for students, families and teachers. If you want to contribute more than $5, that is certainly fine as well.

What is a Zumbathon?

Every so often an organization that conducts regular Zumba or cardio-dance classes might hold a special event for all class attendees – a Zumbathon – where the venue can hold a large number of folks, far beyond what is typical in an individual class. The idea is to have a large enough venue where everyone is invited, and folks in individual classes can see they are part of a much larger community dedicated to aerobics through dance. It’s also an opportunity to invite friends and family to experience cardio dance, which might prompt them to sign up for classes and get into a regular workout routine. Typically a Zumbathon will have multiple instructors, so attendees can do their own routines with their instructor, but also get to experience other routines and styles from other instructors.

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