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2019-2020 SCHOOL YEAR


Big shout out to all of the volunteers from the Staff Appreciation Committee and our Parent Advocacy groups who made our 2019 International Staff Luncheon, on June 19, a huge success!

luncheon 3



Centennial’s administrative assistants are awesome!  To thank them for all they do for our Eagles, the CHS PTSA Staff Appreciation Committee presented each of them with a special Spring gift.
CONTACT:  Julie Lee

The CHS PTSA purchased two boxes of tissues for all Centennial teachers – Spread love not germs! 











On Monday December 17, the PTSA Staff Appreciation Committee presented CHS staff members and bus drivers with a box of almost two dozen assorted home baked cookies. In addition, we were able to donate a pan of cookies to the Homewood School. Our effort would not have been possible without the help of all who baked, a combined total of over 4,000 cookies to fill almost 200 boxes!


Many thanks to the following volunteers who baked and/or helped with the packaging and delivery of all the cookies:

Zeinab Alshinawi-Hamoud, Hazel Archuleta, Athena Atoigue, Patricia Baker, Selvi Bala, Sylvia Bank, Chris Barnes, Gabri Blackman, Catherine Bledsoe, Lisa Brown, Lori Carr, Marta Cavero, Jin Cha, Pauline Chan, Selena Choo, Lixia Chu, Gena Chung Elhabashy, Gail Claus, Katie Cole, Ginnie Cook, Jackie Crispell, Michelle Cutick, Becky Daugherty, Rosemary Dayie, Penny Deyoung, Brooke Evans, Liz Frommer, Therese Garroway, Therese Garroway, Rori Gelfand, Catherine Gilbert, Maryanne Gruys, Maria Guerra, Monica Harris, Alice Haupt, Sue Kaminski, Heesun Kim, Soo-Ok Kim, April Knight, Julie Lee, Ying Lan, Lilly Li, Yuan Lin, Sallie Lu, Andrea Marthinuss, Beena Mathew, Tami McClatchey, Gail Mielke, Megan Millard, Colleen Mitchell, Wenge Ni-Meister, Tracie O'Connell, Kim Oberly, Shari Orszula, Sri Paleti, Ming Pang, Traci Pellegrini, Margaret Ping, Kristi Pistner, Jenny Qian, Lorri Raney, Kate Reynolds, Jennifer Riina, Melinda Roch, Megan Roth, Anjali Saini, Anne Sellers, Lisa Singh, Eileen Singleton, Kathy Smith, Lorrie Snyder, Donghui Song, Bonnie Sorak, Catie Steen, Leslie Stroud, Manar Uthman, Pamela Ward, Jennifer Whang, Gloria Yim, and Guofang You.


Wishing everyone a joyous holiday season,

PTSA Staff Appreciation Committee


Welcome back to all of the staff, students, and families! We're excited to start another amazing year at Centennial!


On Aug. 22, the CHS PTSA welcomed the 167 Centennial staff members back to school with a delicious breakfast. Thanks to Mr. Matchim and the CHS Steel Drum Band for adding to the festive atmosphere! 


Our effort would not have been possible without the help of all who provided food and drinks and help that morning. Many thanks to the following volunteers:  Pauline Chan, Wenge Ni-Meister, Marta Cavero, Jeff George, Jaya Pabbisxetty  Jenny Yan, Maria Guerra, April Knight, Katie Cole, Alice Haupt, Patricia Baker, Jackie Cumello, Jenny Torres, Sandy Wen, Sylvia Bank, Liz Frommer, Mary Mandela, Colleen Mitchell, Guofang You, Eileen Singleton, Rosemary Dayie, Kim Oberly, Susan Su, Ananthi Santhanam, Tami McClatchey, Therese Garroway, Anjali Saini, Gladys Camacho, Patricia Silva, Julie Betler, Kristi Pistner, Heesun Kim, Jackie Crispell, Elsie Vargas, Mai Hall, Julie Lee, Jin Cha, Lixia Chu, Rori Gelfand, Lori Carr, Karen Herren, Walter Pearson, Lucy Lu, and Michele Cavey.


If you are interested in being included on the Staff Appreciation Committee distribution list*, please email Eileen Singleton.


*Being on the list does not obligate you to do anything, but you will be one of the first to see our sign up requests and will get to choose from more options.